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In-Depth Numerology Examples!
* In-Depth: Barack Obama
* Birth Mission: Paul Newman
* Name Consciousness: Oprah
* Baby Name: Apple Martin
*(more Celebrity Baby Names!)
*Soul Mates: Barack and Michelle
*(more Celebrity Love Matches!)

FAQ: Vowels and Consonants

Q: My question is what is the significance of analyzing a name using either consonants or vowels??

A: In any name, the vowels tell you about the spirit/emotional vibration and intent of a thing/person, and the consonants tell you about the physical/active manifestation of the thing/person. When you speak a name, the vowels are the sound carried by 'air'. Together, they sound the 'song of the soul'!

The consonants create 'grounding points' where the word becomes form and can make an impact in the physical world. The early hebrews and even the kabbalists of today, believed the vowels to be so sacred (having to do with spirit) that they were forbidden from writing them and instead spelled things using only the consonants, leaving the vowels to shape the spoken word as spirit fills and 'animates' the physical form. You may see Jewish people pay reverence to the Creator by referring to her as G*D. When reading your name's vowels, you are reading about the inner you - the Soul Urge. Your innermost desire and motivation - from the heart. This is the 'you' that only a select few may ever know, unless you intentionally develop it and bring it out to the surface through your Personality and actions. When you read the consonants in your name, you are reading about how you come across to others, 'how' you take action in the world and how you want others to see you. Consonants are the manifestation of 'you' - your Personality, vowels are the spiritual/emotional you and the total name is your Expression - the unique blending of your vowels and consonants -   your body, mind and spirit. In this way, no two 5 Expressions are ever really identical but a numerology reading such as NumberQuest can give you a general idea of what the 5 Expression is like or the 3 Soul Urge etc...

Q: I'm a bit confused on the rule of when to use y as a vowel or a consonant. It is my understanding that you use the y as a vowel if it is the only vowel sound in that syllable. As in the name Timothy the y would be a vowel.......is this correct?

A: Yes - that's right, if it is the only vowel in the syllable is the main rule. Also, if it stands alone and sounds like a vowel as in the name, "Yves" or "Yvonne". Yves is just one syllable with the vowel 'e' in it, but the 'Y' is also a vowel because it sounds purely like an 'ee' without another vowel influencing it in any way. A 'Y' is not a vowel if it is right next to another vowel, even if it seems to carry the sound of the vowel, as in "Carey".

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